Town Talk Jewellery Cleaners & Polishes

Town Talk Jewellery Cleaners & Polishes

For over a hundred years now Town Talk have been creating high quality polishes and cleaners that bring a radiant sparkle to precious metals, rare stones and fine jewellery.

More recently, they’ve introduced a splendid range of delicately fragranced household cleaning products that put dirt in its place and make everyday chores more fun!

Each and every one has been formulated to have a minimal impact on the environment. None of them have been tested on animals.

They’re proud to be a truly English company, producing exclusive products from their traditional base in North West England, where they are continually investing for the future.

They believe their customers are people of taste who appreciate superior quality, fine style and exceptional service; people who care for their treasured possessions – as they do – in an environmentally conscious way.

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